As developers, we understand the problems
you face when monetizing your apps This is why we created AdAbouts

AdAbouts is an Enhanced Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange. Our platform delivers the highest paying and most relevant ads so that you can increase conversion and stop leaving money on the table.

How We Solve Current Monetization Problems Some of the problems and inefficiencies with current solutions on the market

Ad Mediation Inefficiencies

Current mediation solutions work with a prioritized waterfall method. Each ad network is only contacted if the previous one could not fill the ad request. The problem with this methodology is that every ad request is unique. The value of an ad changes constantly as different advertisers run different campaigns on different days and at different times. This means an ad network further down the stack may have paid more for your ad request or resulted in a higher conversion rate.

AdAbouts eliminates the waterfall with Enhanced Real-Time Bidding.

RTB Inefficiencies

Current real-time bidding solutions help to solve some of the problems with ad mediation. However, they still fail in several ways. Ad exchanges are configured to simply return the highest bidding ad without optimizing for the probability of a click. Fewer clicks mean less revenue. In addition, most ad exchanges are cumbersome and do not provide SDKs for direct implementation or require complicated integrations.

AdAbouts optimizes your yield with transparent results and an easy to integrate SDK.

Location Inefficiencies

As you know, location enhances the value of your ad requests and has the potential to provide more relevant ads to you, the consumer, and the advertiser. The problem is that over 90% of location data submitted to the market is inaccurate. The kicker is that advertisers have no guarantee as to how you obtained your location data. They must take it at face value and bid on an ad knowing there is a high probability that the location is inaccurate or just dead wrong. This uncertainty clearly impacts the bids you receive.

Existing solutions focus on filtering data signals to find the ones that have the best chance of being accurate. To that, we say "garbage in, garbage out."

AdAbouts Enhanced Real-Time Bidding with Location 2.0™ Technology

We created AdAbouts because we understand your frustration. The market is littered with a complicated patchwork of one-off solutions. What you need is an efficient solution…not another integration.

We think optimizing your ad inventory should be easier. This is why we created AdAbouts. One integration. Total optimization.

How do we do it?

AdAbouts Parallel Ad Requests

AdAbouts enhanced real-time bidding submits your ad request to all of our integrated demand partners at the same time. And by the way, we take care of all demand-side integrations so you can "integrate once and forget."

Bid Value Score

Our proprietary algorithms assign a value score to each bid response based on prior history with the advertiser and the effectiveness of their campaigns. This allows us to determine which ad will put the most money in your pocket.

App Revenue Increase

Contrary to popular belief, the highest paying ad is not always the best ad. Relevancy carries the day and more clicks mean more total revenue.

With AdAbouts Enhanced Real-Time Bidding

  • No need to manually update eCPM levels for multiple ad networks
  • Save time and resources: integrate and forget with our single SDK
  • Maximize your revenue on a per impression basis
  • Immediately benefit from new demand partners as we integrate them

With AdAbouts Location 2.0™ Technology

  • Location State™ enhanced ads drive higher bids on your clicks
  • Deliver Remarkably Relevant™ ads with our patent pending technology
  • Generate greater revenue per click with our hyper-location aware ads
  • Drive actions in your app with unparalleled location technology

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Launching Early 2016

Our mission is to disrupt mobile advertising with Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology while providing a transparent and efficient solution for developers and advertisers of all sizes. AdAbouts provides Remarkably Relevant™ ads to the right people at the right place at the right time.