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Making More Money Was
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Mobile advertising disrupted
with a single SDK

Enhanced Real-Time Bidding

One SDK that integrates multiple ad networks, exchanges and DSP's with server to server integration. Programmatically selects the most relevant and highest paying ads.

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AdAbouts backend dashboard

Location Data Problem

Did you know the mobile ad market is flooded with inaccurate location data?


Off by 300 feet or more


Inaccurate or fabricated location data


Off by more than ½ a mile

Groundbreaking Location 2.0™ Technology

We close the gap on location accuracy with our 1st party patent pending location technology. Our solution focuses on physical place data rather than lat/long coordinates. We go deeper and take context to the next level with Location State™.

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AdAbouts location data gives you the ability to target your intended audience and create your location-based campaigns with renewed confidence. Let us show you the money.

Both Developers And Advertisers Win

More Money in Your Wallet

With Remarkably Relevant™ ads, advertisers drive campaign efficiency while developers make more money on every click.

  • Enhanced RTB selects the highest paying, most relevant ad
  • Increased CTR and RPC equals higher revenue
  • Higher bids from advertisers for more relevant data
  • Accurate location, behavioral and interest targeting

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Launching Early 2016

Our mission is to disrupt mobile advertising with Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology while providing a transparent and efficient solution for developers and advertisers of all sizes. AdAbouts provides Remarkably Relevant™ ads to the right people at the right place at the right time.