What is AdAbouts?

AdAbouts was born of frustration with the current complexity and lack of transparency in mobile advertising. As developers, we experienced these issues first hand. Monetizing apps efficiently and effectively is a challenge. So we set out to build a platform that would change the game...

AdAbouts solves multiple problems in the market. Our Enhanced RTB platform delivers efficiency and transparency. Our patent pending Location 2.0™ technology provides Remarkably Relevant™ ads and accurate attribution for results you can see and believe.

Technically speaking, AdAbouts is a programmatic advertising exchange offering enhanced real-time bidding (RTB) across mobile ad formats, including native. Similar to a stock exchange, we provide an efficient marketplace for developers (aka, publishers) and advertisers to buy and sell mobile ads. Put more simply, we make publishers more money by delivering the highest paying and most relevant adds to their applications. Of course, we are not like any other ad exchange and that is what sets us apart.

Who is Adabouts?

AdAbouts is a passionate group of talented entrepreneurs and developers. We are united by a common goal of disrupting a complex industry with innovative solutions.

Our Mission
Disrupt mobile advertising with Location 2.0™ technology while providing a transparent and efficient solution for developers and advertisers of all sizes.

Richard Sylvester
Co-Founder & CEO

Richard Sylvester is the Founder and CEO of AdAbouts. Richard is a self-taught software engineer and has been passionate about writing code since the age of 12. Early in his career, he worked for the U.S. military writing software to handle the processing of mass amounts of weather data (i.e., "Big Data"). Following his military service, he became a developer himself and created a business developing and monetizing mobile applications. One of these apps, Locate My Kindle, brought location services, mapping services, and theft prevention to the original Kindle Fire and quickly became the #1 utility app on the Amazon App store. He has developed multiple applications with millions of downloads for both Android and iOS since the inception of the mobile app industry in 2008 (or 2007 for iOS fans…).

His experience developing and monetizing mobile applications has given him firsthand knowledge of the complicated landscape of intermediaries involved in selling ad space. He personally felt the frustration of trying to make sense of the market, always curious if he was optimizing the value of his own inventory. Over time, the inefficiencies with in-app ads, ad mediation, and location services became crystal clear and the idea for Adabouts was born...

As any entrepreneur knows, solving complex problems usually starts with asking simple questions

We created AdAbouts to address these questions

Why can’t publishers rely on a single transparent solution?

Why can’t mediation truly be efficient?

Why do advertisers have to live with inaccurate location data and questionable attribution?


Our mission is to disrupt mobile advertising with Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology while providing a transparent and efficient solution for developers and advertisers of all sizes. AdAbouts provides Remarkably Relevant™ ads to the right people at the right place at the right time.