As developers, we have spent a lot of time
monetizing our own apps

In doing so, we have come to appreciate a simple truth. The success of Advertisers and Developers is inextricably linked. But the current environment is “murky” at best. The AdAbouts platform clears the waters and unlocks the true potential of location.

Location Inefficiencies in the Market

Did you know the most inaccurate piece of data in all ad requests is location? That’s right, over 90% of ad requests contain location data that is stale and no longer relevant or has simply been fabricated. The other 10% is somewhere between accurate and inaccurate. The kicker is that you have no way of knowing the difference. Wow, not exactly a formula that inspires confidence.

Existing solutions focus on filtering data signals to find the ones that have the best chance of being accurate. To that, we say "garbage in, garbage out."

Advertisers & Developers Should Get Along

Why would anyone fabricate location data? Simple, the secret is out that location data provides a “boost” to the value of an ad request. But when an ad request reaches you as an advertiser, how do you know if the location data provided is accurate? Unfortunately, you don’t.

Accurate Attribution and ROI

Furthermore, what good is location data if you are unable to reliably measure the impact of a campaign via increased traffic and lift? AdAbouts Location 2.0™ technology with Location State™ precision delivers attribution you can count on. Now we're getting somewhere!

Engagement is 4x Mobile Ad Spend

It may seem like the mobile advertising industry is working against you. Maybe this explains why mobile engagement outpaces ad spend by 4x. Our Remarkably Relevant™ ads close the gap so advertisers and developers alike can unlock the potential of location-based ad campaigns.

Near 100% accurate solution

With so many solutions out there making promises, how can you determine which one to choose? Let us make your decision easier. We created AdAbouts with our patent pending technology to deliver accurate “place-based” location data. Our Location Verification technology delivers Remarkably Relevant ads that will increase your ROI and ensure that your campaign goals are on target.

Together, we can close the gap between engagement and action. Put your location-based budget back to work confidently with AdAbouts.

Location 2.0™ Technology

Most solutions focus on physical "lat/long" coordinates. AdAbouts patent pending technology focuses on physical place. We are a 1st party data source offering near 100% accuracy without GPS.

Our technology takes context to the next level with Location State™. Target your audience at various proximity points to your store location. Create unrivaled targeting capabilities when combined with behavioral and interest profiles.

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AdAbouts location data gives you the ability to target your intended audience and create your location-based campaigns with renewed confidence. Let us show you the money.

Pinpoint User Targeting

Location is one of multiple factors in targeting your intended audience, building customer loyalty, and ultimately influencing the purchase decision. Effective advertising can and should be complementary within the context of your audience and their daily movements. AdAbouts technology combines location with interests and behavioral patterns to enhance your audience profiles and ensure your campaigns are on target.

Accurate Measurable Results

Take the guesswork out of your campaign results and measure attribution with confidence. Our Location 2.0™ technology delivers near 100% accuracy to your campaigns and allows you to accurately measure in-store traffic and lift. Location State™ takes your targeting to the next level with customizable campaigns based on audience proximity. Reliable measurement of location-based campaigns has been behind the curve and results can be a little blurry. AdAbouts brings ROI into focus.

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Launching Early 2016

Our mission is to disrupt mobile advertising with Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology while providing a transparent and efficient solution for developers and advertisers of all sizes. AdAbouts provides Remarkably Relevant™ ads to the right people at the right place at the right time.