Snapchat is splashed by third party app leak

Snapchat is not in deep water like everyone thought, data leak was due to non-approved third party apps.
Snapchat provides a temporary means of transferring images and videos to your friends, family or acquaintances that have the app in their mobile device. Snapchat has an internal private API (application programming interface) that it does not make available to developers and 3rd party applications. This however does not prevent developers from reverse engineering Snapchat’s internal API and providing unauthorized service that violates Snapchat’s terms of service.

The data breach in recent news was not due to security flaws at Snapchat but to 3rd party app that utilizes the private Snapchat API without approval. With people could save and browse their Snapchat images. The security breach was due to Snapsaved having an internal misconfiguration on their servers.

You need to be careful as a user when giving apps login credentials or permission to access your Snapchat data. You could potentially grant permission for a malicious app to steal your snapchat data and information. For these reasons it is important to know more about the developer and app you are using.

Not all the third party apps are malicious, they can offer services and helpful functionalities to different products. However, it’s important to recognize the third party apps that represent a security risk by looking at the kind of data they are accessing, and their security and privacy policies.