Where You Are Determines the Ads That You Will See

Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology

AdAbout’s Location 2.0™ technology focuses on the physical location and the surroundings of a mobile user to deliver ads pertinent to their current situation.

Gift giving can be a daunting process. Whether you are shopping during the holidays or your best friend’s birthday, there is no way to guarantee that the gift you select will be a winner. Because gifts are typically given as surprises, you have to figure out what the person wants or needs without asking them. To do this you use your knowledge of their interests and habits to choose an appropriate gift and the same is true for mobile ads.

Relevancy is King in Mobile Advertising (and Gift Giving)

Basically, mobile advertisers have to figure out how to influence mobile users to click their ad and, hopefully, purchase their product. But, how do you know what a specific person wants or needs? Advertisers, like gift givers, use the information they have about their intended audience, including location, to determine relevant ads.
Consider facts from a recent study regarding mobile advertising. According to eMarketer.com, 70% of American adults were exposed to mobile ads in 2014, yet only 35% of them actually clicked a mobile ad. Furthermore, the top two reasons people reported not clicking ads were a lack of interest in and a lack of relevancy to the advertisements they saw.
This data clearly shows that relevancy, which can be defined as current interest + current location + right time, is the most important aspect of mobile and online advertising. The question becomes, how can mobile advertisers increase the relevancy of their ads?

Location, Location, Location

Recently, the benefits of location-specific advertising in the mobile ad market have been realized. AdAbouts is at the forefront of the movement to use real-time location services to increase ad relevancy. This new movement is predicated on the fact that most people carry a mobile device with them everywhere they go. For mobile advertisers, this means that information about a person’s location and surroundings is almost always available.
A simple, effective way to think about the importance of physical location to advertising is to consider the connection between location, opportunity, and desire. Someone browsing the web in rural Texas, for example, will have different desires and opportunities than a mobile phone user on 5th Avenue in Manhattan because of their location. That is, in essence, how location data increases relevancy; by providing information about the interests of a mobile user instantaneously. For mobile advertisers, location becomes even more important because of the lack of information that can be garnered from Cookies inaccessible to the mobile device.

Remarkably Relevant

AdAbouts technology combines location with interests and behavioral patterns to enhance your audience profiles and ensure your campaigns are on target.

No Cookies, No Problem

Online advertisers have an advantage over mobile advertisers in that they can take information about a person’s browsing history and use that to decide which ads to display. This data, called a cookie, is stored by web browsers on computers but cookies are not present on mobile operating systems. In fact, this is a major hurdle for mobile advertisers because they cannot easily target their customer’s interests based on cookies in the same way that online advertisers can. AdAbouts seeks to address this challenge with a two-pronged approach to mitigate the no-cookie conundrum.

The AdAbouts’ Advertising Attack

AdAbouts seeks to change the way mobile advertising is conducted by overhauling the inefficiencies of past mobile ad practices while incorporating new technology. The AdAbouts platform is efficient because it is a single software development kit that connects multiple ad networks, exchanges and DSP’s to reduce complications and increase communications. But, not only is AdAbouts more efficient, it is also generates more revenue for developers and advertisers by selecting more relevant ads. How you ask?
Firstly, AdAbouts delivers more accurate location data through Location 2.0™ and Location State™ technology. The important idea here is that Location 2.0™ technology focuses on the physical location and the surroundings of a mobile user to deliver ads pertinent to their current situation. Contrastingly, many less effective location-based services simply use geographic coordinates to select ads, which is much less specific.
Secondly, AdAbouts uses enhanced real-time bidding (eRTB) with Value Score to track ad relevancy over time for better conversion. AdAbouts evaluates advertisers and their specific ads relevancy and conversion rates and calculates a Value Score which is taken into account with their every bid. The higher the Value Score for a specific individual, the more likely the bid will be accepted. Other real-time bidding exchanges simply return the highest bid.

Join the AdAbouts Movement

No revolution would be complete without a devote set of followers and the AdAbouts movement is no different. We are calling all interested app developers to rally to the cause by joining our forum at AppMonetizationStrategies.com. Here you will be able to contribute to the development and design of AdAbouts by sharing your own expertise.
Be a part of the most exciting movement in mobile advertising, join AdAbouts today!

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The evolution of location based advertising [Infographic]

If you have heard about location based advertising, then you may know that it has become more relevant for businesses and marketers to know their audience and the best places to reach them.
For a good mobile advertising campaign to deliver desired results, it’s important to have high quality, accurate location and place data. This info must be top notch in terms of accuracy and comprehensiveness.

AdAbouts gathers the requirements for accurate place based advertising with a simple, evolutionary solution that has the capability to provide remarkably relevant mobile ads.

AdAbouts infographic

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Mobile Cloud Labs’ CEO talks about his experience at NOAH 2015

Richard Sylvester talks about the AdAbouts platform.

Richard Sylvester. Mobile cloud Labs CEO.

Every year, the NOAH conference opens the opportunity for Internet CEOs, senior executives and investors to discuss the latest ideas in the digital industry and to establish new business relationships.
Mobile Cloud Labs’ CEO Richard Sylvester flew from his home in the United States to attend the NOAH conference in Berlin on June 9-10, 2015. After gathering with the leaders of technology and advertising, he got a good perspective on some of the exciting technologies on the horizon. He also shared his vision of the AdAbouts platform, which brought significant interest from many players and leaders in the industry.

About his experience Richard Sylvester said:

“The trip to Berlin for Noah was a whirlwind of a trip, by the time the trip was over I was just getting over jet lag and adjusted to the time difference.

All in all Noah 2015 in Berlin was a positive experience. We met with other leaders in the industry and got to talk about and see some of the upcoming, new and exciting changes in several markets.

We met with several people to discuss our upcoming AdAbouts platform and were welcomed with excitement and interest. Discussions with industry leaders further verified that the upcoming features of the AdAbouts mobile advertising platform will be the forefront of the industry.

We are excited for the future of our company and are eager to release the AdAbouts platform, but as with all great things in life, they come in due time.”

Mobile Cloud Labs Attends NOAH in Berlin

Mobile Cloud Labs attends NOAH conference in Berlin

Photo by m.a.r.c. on Flicker.

Mobile Cloud Labs’ CEO Richard Sylvester will attend the NOAH Conference in Berlin on June 9-10, 2015. This will be an opportunity for our company to meet Internet CEOs, executives and investors to establish new business relationships.

The NOAH Conference is a space organized for industry leaders and competitors in technology fields such as automotive, energy, education, travel, advertising, healthcare, TMT (Technology, Media & Telecom), retail, gaming, home automation and wearables.

Mobile Cloud Labs’ goal in NOAH Berlin 2015, is to discuss the evolutionary platform AdAbouts while also learning about the latest innovations in mobile advertising.

Our company is looking forward to establishing new business relationships, being inspired by others’ ideas and of course, having a great time at the NOAH business networking dinner party.