Getting rid of your mobile device?

safe disposal

Did you recently get a new mobile device or are you planning to get a new one soon?

Smartphones and other devices are innovating every day with new features, designs and services. Alongside this, the Internet and applications are updating and leaving the nice, old devices running short to tackle all the new features and functionalities.

When it’s time to dispose your old device take it to a proper disposal facility. These facilities ensure that the internal components are recycled correctly and responsibly. By doing this you help to decrease the environmental impact while following the law.

However, before taking these steps think about the information stored in your device such as photos, videos, apps and e-mail attachments. Passwords and browsing history that are still stored in your devices, can give access to personal and financial information.

In order to prevent someone from gaining access to all your personal data and activities, make sure that your information is copied from your old device to your new one.

In order to do this, sync both devices or backup the old one to the cloud and then restore it to factory settings.

To be completely sure that your data is deleted, download and use the MyAntiTheft Wipe tool in order to delete passwords, e-mail accounts and pictures.

You can’t be sure what will happen to your old device once given away. You can however control the protection of your data with MyAntiTheft.