Location Data Inaccuracies

Location Based Advertising

Making good use of accurate location data from a mobile phone is something every advertiser pursues in order to offer highly relevant ads to shoppers. The reason for this is that ads are more effective when served to the right interest at the right time and right place. The installation of ad blockers is on the rise in part due to shoppers being bombarded with irrelevant and annoying ads.

On average studies have shown that 90% of location data in ad requests is inaccurate due to being stale or fabricated. The other 10% has a higher level of accuracy but determining which of those 10% has a level of accuracy good enough to target a shopper is difficult. The kicker is, advertisers have no way to know which data is good.

Existing solutions on the market focus on filtering the vast amounts of 3rd party location data available. How this data was obtained is unknown and therefor these attempts are flawed. To that, we remind you of one of the basic computer science principals, “garbage in, garbage out”.

Location is only one factor in targeting your intended audience, building customer loyalty and brand awareness, ultimately influencing the purchase decision. Effective advertising can and should be complementary within the context of your audience and their daily movements. AdAbouts technology combines accurate location with interests and behavioral patterns to enhance your audience profiles and ensure your campaigns are on target.