Mobile Cloud Labs’ team is moving forward in the development of Android Security Suite. What’s new?

Mobile Cloud Labs' team 2015

Mobile Cloud Labs’ team meeting in 2015. In the photo, from left to right: Tray Houston, Vaidas Barauskas, Brian McCauley and Richard Sylvester.

Even though Mobile Cloud Labs’ team is spread around the world, the company made it possible for our directors, designers, marketing staff and software developers to meet in the United Stated to work on the development of Android Security Suite, the most advanced antivirus for android.

Unlike our competitors, Android Security Suite integrates several solutions to protect Android devices to the fullest extent. Our team expects to release the first version in the second quarter of 2015 and assures that our antivirus solution brings state of the art technology never seen in an Android antivirus app before.

What’s new in this release?

As any advanced antivirus, Android Security Suite will protect your Android device from cybercriminals that try to steal your passwords, identity, bank account info and other personal data. However, what is unique is that our state of the art engine scans not only apps but files for known viruses, malware and other cyber threats, something few competitors do.

What sets Android Security Suite apart is that the engine scans for both Android and Windows threats. This feature prevents viruses and other threats from spreading between devices and is so strong that if you enable the deep scan options it will break apart apps and zip files in real time to look for possible threats.

On top of this, Android Security Suite’s real time protection is one of the strongest in the industry and will monitor your app installs, apps updates and changes to your files, something very few do. You can also enable the “safe browsing“ option to protect from malicious websites and potential scams.

Android Security Suite Antivirus

Android Security Suite videos in App will show the most advanced features of our antivirus engine.

Additionally, in our application as well as our web channels, users will be able to find videos explaining the most relevant features of our engine such as Zip File Scan, Deep Scanning and Advanced Real Time Protection. We also had special T-Shirts made specifically for our actors and actresses in the videos and are giving some away for free, just contact us at: and ask for your free shirt (while supplies last).

With this release, Mobile Cloud Labs looks to offer users across the world valuable android applications starting with the antivirus solution. With Android Security Suite, anyone can “Savor the protection of Android Security Suiteness“.

Deceitful: hackers who exploit webcams to spy on you!

Mobile Cloud Labs

Photo by anieto2k. Flickr

Hackers sneak into your webcam more often than you think as a method to watch internet surfers without being noticed. To do this, you just need Internet access and a program that is silently installed on your computer.

Imagine being spied on by a hacker that has installed this software on your computer. Whenever you are connected to the Internet, the hacker can log in, see everything that happens on your screen and observe you through the camera. Of course, this intrusion occurs without you being aware of it.

Hackers can install Trojans or other viruses on your computer using your help unknowingly. Simple things like going to what appears to be a normal web page with nothing more than a harmless picture, can activate Trojans that will give access to files, passwords and every folder on your computer.

There are other programs that were originally created to repair and perform maintenance remotely by online support teams that can also be a problem. In the wrong hands, these programs have become espionage instruments that can be downloaded in special forums. This means that people don’t need to have great “hacker” skills, all they have to do is pay for these programs giving them the potential to use them against you.

Criminal organizations earn a lot of money by selling spyware programs. These organizations are very professional, well established and very successful. That’s why if you suspect you are being watched or that a hacker is manipulating your computer, follow these recommendations:

1. Immediately disconnect your computer from the Internet.
2. Clean your computer with an antivirus program.
3. Before opening any link, hover over to see if takes you to the desired page.
4. Do not open any files that you receive by strangers via email.
5. Place a sticky note, tape or Band-Aid on your camera to block all unwanted and prying eyes.

Always remain vigilant while on the Internet!

Violence, Sex and Harassment: How to protect your kids on the Internet

How to protect your kids on the Internet

Photo by ganesha.isis. Flickr.

Violence, sex and harassment on the internet, a lurking danger for kids and teens, parents often don’t know how to protect their kids while many surf the Internet without control amongst these dangers.

Joseph Brown is a 15 year old kid who spends all day online which is not uncommon as 88% of kids rooms have some type of internet access. In addition the skyrocketing use of cellphones adds to this problem as this mini communication center also serves as a game console, TV and MP3 player.

We have a class wide chat, if I don’t connect to it I won’t know what’s happening, for example I could miss my homework. I can not imagine what it would be like to live without a cellphone” comments Joseph Brown.

Joseph’s mother, Karen Brown believes that today’s children are the experts in the digital world: “It demands a lot of energy trying to stay ahead of them, controlling them and trying to find out what they do and what websites they surf at all times” she says.

The ability to navigate from the cellphone allows teens to be more exposed since a simple search is enough to access violent or sexual content. Many middle and high school kids post images or videos without being aware of the repercussions, where something as harmless as a selfie, may become subject to blackmail or harassment on the internet.

In my school there was a boy who was bullied and many others in the class branded him as stinky. They put pictures of him on Facebook next to the word skunk“, comments Joseph. Linda Davis one of Joseph’s classmates adds: “I met a girl who had a selfie in a bikini on her cellphone. During a school trip someone stole her phone and sent that picture to all her contacts.

As Linda and Joseph, 1 in 3 teenagers know someone that has been bullied on the Internet. In worst cases, private photos taken with cellphones are shared along with a phone number. Many cellphones are stolen or taken to cyber bully others, in these scenarios children and parents can use applications such as MyAntiTheft to track where the phone is, take a picture of the person that is using it and block access to other apps and content in the phone.

Geolocation tracking to always know where your device is at.

My AntiTheft’s geolocation tracking

However, these psychological attacks put children against the wall. Experts warn about the seriousness of cyber bullying but it’s even more important that parents and teachers talk about this situations with their kids. It’s best to delete all data and call the police in the most serious cases where private pictures make it out to social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Another problem is video game violence, although many are for adults only, children have little difficulty in accessing them. Luckily, there is special software to protect children such as Kids Safe Browser or K9 Web Protection Browser where the goal is to filter content allowing only authorized images and text to be shown while blocking prohibited websites.

And being no less relevant, it is necessary to warn kids about risky downloads and other services requiring payment as in many cases these can be phishing sites that contain malware. This can be difficult as these sites and apps are not always easily recognizable by both kids and adults, thus it is necessary to use an antivirus app such as MyAntivirus to help block these threats.

It is important to be aware that a single click can lead to a significant family expense. Simple mistakes can be a learning experience but they can also wreck havoc and will go to show that on the internet, anyone can be fooled.

Spam: The Digital Plague

Spam, the digital plague
183 million spam messages are sent worldwide on a daily basis. Spamming can be a lucrative business that saturates email accounts and can transmit malware and viruses to your computer or mobile device.

It is estimated that worldwide, the damage caused by spam reaches in excess of $12 billion dollars. Anti spam activists such as the Spamhause Project or Google, fight against this plague.

Spammers usually operate with nonexistent companies to buy IP addresses and use outside servers. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 spam messages advertise suspicious online businesses. For example, the so-called Nigerian scam is designed to make you think that you can get millions of dollars but only if you send a sum of money in advanced.

Other spam messages contain files that infect your computer or mobile device that allow hackers to control and access them remotely. Anti spam organizations maintain spam lists, which are used to block suspicious senders and report them to the police.

This digital plague is not something exclusive to Russia and Nigeria, as it is generally thought. In fact, industrialized countries such as Germany and Japan are in the top 10 lists, with the US in the first place.

 10 Worst Spam Countries

Image: The Spamhaus Project

In many countries, spam is difficult to control due to legislation and also because it is difficult to verify that a person did not give consent to receive such messages. Once the spammers are identified, anti spam activists report their information to the police in order to assist in putting a stop to it.

Despite the efforts of organizations such as Spamhaus or the police, the battle against spam is far from over. Spammers are constantly evolving and changing their methods until eventually this junk email will be more methodical, unrecognizable, and better integrated into the daily life.

The amount of spam is not expected to reduce, however anti-spam organizations have a clear objective: to prevent spam from reaching our inbox.

Spam is digital trash and as such it should be sent to the recycle bin unopened. Do not click on any links from spam emails and always protect your mobile devices against malware and other threats with antivirus solutions such as MyAntiTheft.

Apps you need for Friday night drinking!

Apps you need for Friday night drinking!
It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve made it through the long week, and it’s time for Happy Hour. However, a lot can go wrong in a night out with friends in which you may need these 9 apps for Android to not to end up wondering why you woke up the next morning in jail.

1. Where’s the Bar?

Before starting a wild Friday night, you need to know where to go. Two good choices to spot a good bar are Yelp and Foursquare.

However, you can install SceneTap if you want real-time information on how busy a bar is, what the male/female ratio is or the general age range.

2. What’ll You Have?

If you prefer gathering in a friend’s house, then you need Mixology. With this app you will be able to throw together a cocktail with whatever you have on hand, as it will show you the options based on your ingredients.

If you are not big into cocktails and your drink of choice is beer, then Untappd is the app for you. It’s basically a Yelp for beer.

3. You are already getting drunk.

To identify the signals that the night is getting wild you can use the app 101 Drinking Games that includes digital dice, cards, and coins, so you don’t have to worry about pulling these things out from under your sleeve.

To estimate your blood-alcohol content (BAC) based on how much you’ve been drinking, use AlcoDroid, it’s a fully-featured free app.

4. Drunk? Don’t Dial

If you are already drunk you may find yourself making stupid phone calls or writing crazy SMS messages. For Android get Stupid Phonecall Blocker, it is free and will prevent you from regrets the next morning.

5. Things are going really wrong

When having a wild night of drinking, many things can bring the cops or lead you to jail. If that is normal for you, maybe it’s a good idea to get the I’m Getting Arrested app. This app allows you to create a list of friends to quickly contact before being dragged away to jail.

Tips to Prevent Online Christmas Scams

“All that glitters is not gold” and when it comes to online scams, Christmas shoppers must watch out for “too good to be true” bargains that could end up hurting their wallets.

According to research conducted in 2013 on behalf of FFA UK by ICM in the UK, online scams cost shoppers $15 million dollars. These people were victims of “vishing” a fraud method that attempts to get personal or financial information via telephone when fraudsters act as technical support agents or sales people.

With cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping season, cybercriminals are offering all kinds of products at very low prices. The website Get Safe Online published a list of the top five most risky items in which you can find Smartphones at the top, followed by game consoles, Ugg boots, Barbour jackets and iPads.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam or fake item.

Learn how to protect yourself when shopping online:

• If you get a call asking you to confirm a purchase, don’t reveal your bank account or shopping details since this is the way most fraudsters work. Just hang up and call your bank from a different phone to make sure everything is ok.
• Check your bank account regularly and make sure that your bank has your contact numbers so they can alert you if anything unusual or suspicious happens.
• Always make sure web URLs start with “https”, pay close attention to the “S” at the end. If the site doesn’t have the S nor the gold padlock icon, avoid shopping from that website.
• For banking or shopping, only use official online websites and mobile apps.
• Type the address of your bank or online shop directly into your browser. Never use a link from your email to go to your bank website nor should you open attached files that ask for personal information.
• If you own or are in the market for a new smartphone or tablet, protect it by downloading MyAntiTheft with MyAntiVirus and make sure it’s safeguarded with a PIN.
• In regards to online auctions and high value items, make sure you see the product before sending money. Use secure payment methods like PayPal instead of paying individual sellers.
• Once all your shopping or banking sessions are done and you followed this online safety guide, log out of the website or app. Also keep every purchase confirmation email.

What Is a Phablet?

What is a phablet?
If you find yourself wanting a bigger screen on your phone, you are probably getting into the phablet world. Never heard of a phablet? No worries we’ll tell you all about this new craze.

What is a phablet?
It is a PHone-tABLET hybrid that combines the functionalities of a smartphone with the big screen experience of a tablet. Normally the screen sizes ranges between 5 and 6 inches, just look at the iPhone 6 Plus and the new Nexus 6 for good examples.

Phablet’s Great Battery Life
Since the physical size of the phone is bigger it means there is more room for battery. This is the single largest improvement you’ll notice with a phablet, longer battery life.

Taking the Most of the Display

If you enjoy watching videos, playing video games, reading e-books or editing documents; the Phablet’s large screen will make your old smartphone fall short. Just look at the Nexus 6, it will feel big at first but once you get used to it very few go back.

When looking at the iPhone 6 you’ll notice it has a 4.7 inch 1334×750 display, however this pales in comparison to the iPhone 6 Plus’s display of 5.5 inches at 1920×1080. While the iPhone 6 Plus offers a great looking screen even that pales in comparison to some of the Android competitors, for example the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a 5.7 inches and the Google Nexus 6 at 5.96 inches both offering an even more amazing 2560×1440 resolution.

What about the Phablet Camera?

While it’s true that the camera found in most phablets is the same as that found in regular sized smart phones, the one advantage most don’t think about is the view finder. You’ll find it easier and faster to take great looking pictures when you have a large high-resolution screen as your viewfinder. The days of looking through a little hole to see what you’re shooting are gone.

Take Multitasking to a New Level

Large screen size also means that you can take multitasking to a new level. Samsung takes advantage of the added screen space on the Galaxy Note 4 with its Multi Window technology, which means you can open up multiple windows on a single screen and run two apps simultaneously side by side. So, you can watch a video while writing an email or messaging your friend at the same time. Convenience offered only on a phablet.

5 Tips to Keep Halloween Safe and Fun


1. Walk safely

– Cross the street at corners, use traffic signals and crosswalks. It’s very important that you or your kids don’t run across the street.
– Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them and tell them always to walk on sidewalks. If you don’t find sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.
– Watch for cars that are turning or backing up. Tell kids to never dart out into the street or cross between parked cars.

2. Trick or Treat With an Adult

– Any children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision.
– If kids are mature enough to be without an adult, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and stay in groups.

3. Make Costumes Both Creative and Safe

– Use reflective tape or stickers to decorate costumes and bags and choose face paint and makeup instead of masks that can obstruct a child’s vision.
– Give kids glow sticks or flashlights so drivers can see them.
– Also, make sure kids’ costumes are the right size to prevent them from tripping and falling.

4. Drive Extra Safe on Halloween

– Drive slowly and be extra careful in residential neighborhoods.
– Always look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs before you keep going.
– Eliminate any distractions inside your car that could distract you from the road and your surroundings.
– Be especially alert for kids during the trick-or-treating hours that can go from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

5. Protect your phone and use it as a safety tool

– If you want to take Halloween to your phone, you will find really cool and fun Halloween themes. However, when downloading these themes never give consent to any app that asks for access to personal information or unnecessary functionalities in your phone. MyAntivirus can detect malicious apps that download malware but it’s always better to prevent these apps.
– During Halloween have fun and enjoy the night, don’t forget to set up MyAntiTheft in case you lose your phone on this chaotic night. If your kid is old enough to go out alone, give him a phone with MyAntiTheft already installed, to track him and his phone any time.

Share these tips with your friends so they can have a safe Halloween too.

Nexus 6 is Big!


Officially announced by Google, the Nexus 6 is one of the biggest smartphones that looks pretty much like a tablet. Not only does it bring great features but it’s also the first phone to run Android L. Other manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and LG will take between 1-3 months to release the update.

How big is the Nexus 6?

The new Google phone basically looks like a huge Moto X with a 5.96 -inch QHD display, just perfect to read books, watch videos or look at pictures.
The height of the phone is 159.3mm, which is a hair taller than the iPhone 6 Plus (158.1mm). It’s also wider coming in at 83mm vs the iPhone 6 plus at 77.8mm. The phone is a hefty 10mm thick at its thickest point however it packs a 3220mAh battery capable of 24 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Big in Display Resolution

The biggest thing about the Nexus 6 is its QHD, 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display with a 493ppi pixel density. Imagine watching videos, playing your favorite games or just looking at pictures at that resolution and size!

A Portable Powerhouse

The Nexus 6 comes packed with a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 paired with the Adreno 420 GPU. To further ice this cake Google and Motorola threw in 3GB of RAM. You won’t find a faster, more capable Android device on the market. Mobile hardware doesn’t get better than this right now.

The Nexus 6 scores an impressive multi-core result of 3199 on the GeekBench benchmark. This is nearly 10% faster than Apple’s new iPhone 6, and 43% faster than the iPhone 5S.

Battery Life

With all this power and such a high resolution display you would be incorrect to think the battery life must suffer. With the help of project Volta in Android L (5.0), the Nexus 6 provides up to 24 hours of talk time, and 10 hours of web browsing and video playback.

As an added bonus the Nexus 6 also comes with the Motorola Turbo Charger which according to Google will add an additional 6 hours of battery life within 15 minutes.

How much is the Nexus 6 and when will it be here?

Google announced that it would be available for pre-order on October 29th in the Google Play Store. The Nexus 6 is big in price as well starting at $649 in the US, but it won’t disappoint, taking into account the big display, better battery and top of the line internal hardware. When compared to other devices with similar specs you will quickly see that the Nexus 6 is a bargain! You won’t find a lower priced flagship phone with this much power.

This is Google’s first venture into the Phablet realm. With all things considered this is a great start. We are excited to see the Nexus 6 start shipping next month, don’t forget to order yours in blue or white on October 29th.

The Verge/Via Youtube

Snapchat is splashed by third party app leak

Snapchat is not in deep water like everyone thought, data leak was due to non-approved third party apps.
Snapchat provides a temporary means of transferring images and videos to your friends, family or acquaintances that have the app in their mobile device. Snapchat has an internal private API (application programming interface) that it does not make available to developers and 3rd party applications. This however does not prevent developers from reverse engineering Snapchat’s internal API and providing unauthorized service that violates Snapchat’s terms of service.

The data breach in recent news was not due to security flaws at Snapchat but to 3rd party app that utilizes the private Snapchat API without approval. With people could save and browse their Snapchat images. The security breach was due to Snapsaved having an internal misconfiguration on their servers.

You need to be careful as a user when giving apps login credentials or permission to access your Snapchat data. You could potentially grant permission for a malicious app to steal your snapchat data and information. For these reasons it is important to know more about the developer and app you are using.

Not all the third party apps are malicious, they can offer services and helpful functionalities to different products. However, it’s important to recognize the third party apps that represent a security risk by looking at the kind of data they are accessing, and their security and privacy policies.