Mobile Cloud Labs’ CEO talks about his experience at NOAH 2015

Richard Sylvester talks about the AdAbouts platform.

Richard Sylvester. Mobile cloud Labs CEO.

Every year, the NOAH conference opens the opportunity for Internet CEOs, senior executives and investors to discuss the latest ideas in the digital industry and to establish new business relationships.
Mobile Cloud Labs’ CEO Richard Sylvester flew from his home in the United States to attend the NOAH conference in Berlin on June 9-10, 2015. After gathering with the leaders of technology and advertising, he got a good perspective on some of the exciting technologies on the horizon. He also shared his vision of the AdAbouts platform, which brought significant interest from many players and leaders in the industry.

About his experience Richard Sylvester said:

“The trip to Berlin for Noah was a whirlwind of a trip, by the time the trip was over I was just getting over jet lag and adjusted to the time difference.

All in all Noah 2015 in Berlin was a positive experience. We met with other leaders in the industry and got to talk about and see some of the upcoming, new and exciting changes in several markets.

We met with several people to discuss our upcoming AdAbouts platform and were welcomed with excitement and interest. Discussions with industry leaders further verified that the upcoming features of the AdAbouts mobile advertising platform will be the forefront of the industry.

We are excited for the future of our company and are eager to release the AdAbouts platform, but as with all great things in life, they come in due time.”

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